Directional Boring

Directional boring, often referred to as "trenchless technology", boring, horizontal directional drilling and HDD, utilizes special machines that are used to extend existing utilities or install conduits through heavily congested areas with virtually no impact to the surface area. This technology allows connections to be repaired or established without disruption to vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow, historic landmarks or landscaping structures.

Directional boring is most often the preferred method to get (cable,pipe conduit,etc) from Point A to Point B when there are multiple obstacles and conditions to consider. Once the clean up crews are completed it looks like they were never there. Directional Boring is a process where the horizontal drilling machine tunnels under obstructions such as existing utilities, buildings, roadways, rivers and then pulls pipe back through the underground tunnels leaving the surface untouched.

This process involves three main stages:

  1. Piloting- Drilling of a pilot hole.
  2. Reaming- Pilot hole enlargement in stages.
  3. Pullback- Installation of the carrier pipe.

The average depths of the tunnels can range from 3 - 45 feet below the surface and up to 1200 feet in length!

West Union Trenching uses Directional Boring in various jobs to be unobtrusive to the earths surface and to ensure the customers satisfaction in obtaining the goal of their underground utility construction needs. West Union Trenching has the most advanced Directional Drills and equipment to date and we have the experience to handle the job whatever the distance or hole diameter. Some projects that require West Union Trenching to use the "trenchless technology" are:

  • Installing Water and Sewer (services and mains)
  • Installing conduit for multiple utilities simultaneously
  • Install Drain lines to basements, pits and man holes
  • Geo thermal loop field installation
  • Installing CATV, phone, power and fiber

Directional Drilling is used where other equipment can not go, rivers, lakes, tree sided hills and extreme soil conditions.

This JT2020 Mach 1 Ditch Witch horizontal directional drill has the highest ratio of power to size and can install larger utilities in a wider variety of soil types even on a tight job site.

The powerful Cummins diesel engine keeps running strong throughout the day with the high capacity cooling system to ensure the project is completed efficiently, and also features a quiet engine for reduced environmental impact in urban areas!