Backhoe, Dozer, & Excavating

West Union Trenching has the equipment, experience and knowledge to handle projects that involve site development, footing excavation, back-fill and site grading. Because each site is unique and conditions can vary significantly from job to job depending on soil, access, distance, depth and many other factors, experience is critical in avoiding mistakes.

Our operators have years of experience in operating our various excavating machines. We install duct banks, septic systems and also dig in water and sewer lines. We rely on our backhoes to dig trenches for a number of different projects, including laying pipes, cables and digging of foundations. We use our dozers and excavators to do work on our various job sites as well as for clean up on project completion. Because we service a variety of industries such as natural gas, cable TV, telephone and electrical construction we have a wide variety of excavation equipment to complete every job efficiently and effectively.

The hydraulic system gives the backhoe the ability to move great amounts of material at once, doing the work of many men in a much shorter period of time.

Our Mini Excavator is perfect in residential areas to move a great amount of material in confined spaces.

West Union Trenching Backhoe