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Erich & Christal Gamm

Erich is the owner of West Union Trenching.  He began his business venture when he was 16 years old and has whole-heartedly built this business to what it is today. 

In 1993, Erich began burying drops to houses with a drop plow with one person helping. He has since expanded his services to include plowing, trenching, rock sawing, excavation and directional boring.  The amazing team at West Union Trenching has also grown to over 35 employees.

Today, Erich is usually seen driving from job-site to job-site checking in with his teams or on his cell phone (which logs an average of 4,600 minutes a month!).  Wherever you meet him, he is sure to greet you with a smile.

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Tim Streif

Paul Hart - 2006
- General Manager

In the spring of 2006, Paul joined the team at West Union Trenching. He has the skill of an operator and the knowledge of a mechanic. Paul is Erich's right-hand man, and spends his days in the office coordinating all the jobs and employees, keeping everyone on track.

Kevin Campbell

Kevin Campbell - 1998-ish
"Sparky" - Foreman

Sparky has been a part of the West Union Trenching team the longest.  He started in July of 1998 and has operated every type of machine available. When he isn't farming in the field he can be seen sharing his years of wisdom, leadership and experience with one of our crews.

Tim Streif - 2005

Tim became part of the West Union Trenching team in April of 2005 and is the Foreman of one of our Directional Boring Teams. Tim is an operator with skill, knowledge and a "can do" attitude. His team will get the job done with amazing quality and head- spinning speed.

Josh Bond - 2005

Josh is Foreman of his own Directional Boring Team. He joined West Union Trenching in September of 2005 and has the skill to operate most of our machines, and countless others! Josh is an experienced drill operator and locator with a positive mind set to achieve each job quickly and efficiently.

Cary Chensvold - 2013

Cary rejoined the team at West Union Trenching in 2013 and brings with him years of experience in the installation of underground utilities. He is a knowledgeable operator/laborer and a wonderful asset to have at West Union Trenching.


Dan Sylvester - 2011

Joining the team at West Union Trenching in 2011, Dan came with vast experience in utilities. He currently is a part of the local crew that can be seen around the area most days. Dan sees the positive in each job and always gets the job (and all the included paperwork!) done.

Josh Stanbrough - 2011
"Mushy" - Foreman

In 2011, Josh became part of the West Union Trenching team, and is now leading the plow crew that has covered a lot of Iowa ground. Josh is a proficient leader willing to go above and beyond for his team to get the task at hand accomplished.

Mitchell Ihde - 2016

Mitch joined us in 2016 part time, and has since advanced to leading his own crew doing cleanup and drops.  He is a hard worker and his get-it-done-right attitude is a great addition to our team!

Tom Drips - 2008

Eric "#2" Pasket - 2008

Matt Bond - 2008

Steve Lane - 2010

Brian Erickson - 2011

Luke Baade - 2012

Grant Schissel -2013

Terry "Shorty" Chensvold -2013

Logan Gage - 2014

Brandon Schmitt - 2016

Daryl Sawyer - 2016

Frank Durnan - 2016

Nate Lauer - 2016

Levi Hansmeier - 2016

Jesse Bodensteiner - 2016

Tom Durnan - 2017

Sean Carey - 2017

Austin Meyer - 2017

Evan Hackman - 2018

Jared Shaw - 2018

Hunter Whittle - 2018

Matt Durnan - 2018

Tim Thomas - 2018

Noah Cullen - 2018

Joe Daughton - 2018

Jon Rose - 2018

Roger Gamm
Locator - Runner

Max Gibson - 2017
Shop Assistant

Danielle Luchsinger - 2017
Office Assistant

Katlyn Lehs - 2018
Office Assistant

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