West Union Trenching has been installing geothermal heat loops for over 15 years. The most common system used in this area is the closed loop, meaning that the same water and environmentally friendly antifreeze mixture that is continually circulated throughout the loop field; it never escapes...and because of this, the closed loop is the only type of loop field allowed by some states.

Geothermal systems need to have a system of pipes buried in the ground called a loop system. There are 2 designs we typically use when installing a loop system:  horizontal or a pond system. 


Horizontal Loop Field

Geothermal Install

A horizontal loop field installation done by a directional drilling machine is the most fantastic method of installing geothermal ground loops.  A small directional drilling machine is moved in and shoots a drill bit under the earth, which comes up hundreds of feet away in the exact position you want it!  The earth loop is then tied to the end of the drill bit and is pulled back through.  Sufficient land is required, as with all geothermal ground loops, but if you have the land available, this can be a cost effective and minimally invasive ground loop installation method that will provide you more flexibility and take much less time.


Pond Loop Field


A pond loop field can be installed when the property is located near a large body of fresh water such as a pond or lake. A header is then directional bored to the pond and the coils, often called "slinkys", are then placed at the bottom of the pond. These "slinkys" utilize the temperature at the base of the pond to heat and cool the home just like a horizontal loop field.

Want a pond loop field for your geothermal system but don’t have a pond? 
We can do that too!! 
Give us a call, we would love to see what we can design for your home!


The Benefits of Geothermal Heating and Cooling

  • It’s clean – geothermal does not produce any pollution, and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect

  • No fuel is needed so there is no danger of gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Efficient – resulting in lower operating costs

  • Naturally renewable

  • Typical life span of ground loops can be as long as 50 years

  • Both heating and cooling are in a single system

  • Even heat distribution eliminates drafts that are common with forced-air systems

  • Quiet for both heating and cooling

All Geothermal systems have an indoor unit that looks much the same as a furnace. Your local heating/cooling contractor will handle this portion of the project, while the experienced crews at West Union Trenching handle the in-ground installation of the pipes.

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